Supremely Erotic Experience Informations

Nuru Massage

“Learn when to let go. Embrace change and break out from your cocoon. Only then will your wings spread for you to soar to higher places.” —Anonymous

Aside from tantric massage in London, Nuru massage is a supremely erotic experience in which your Goddess will take you to heightened, sensual frontiers. It is an incredibly intimate massage during which you may bond deeply with your Goddess. Together you will discover a carnal yet spiritual essence deep within as Nuru is the ultimate body to body massage. You will find yourself emancipated from all worries, stress and hindering thoughts as you dwell in the presence of your heavenly Goddess flourishing in incomprehensible pleasure that has become the signature of Tantric Touch London.

Nuru originates from the Japanese language and means ‘slippery/smooth’. An essential and integral part of Nuru massage is Nuru gel derived from the brown seaweed plant. It is a colorless, tasteless and odorless substance which is water soluble and easy to remove leaving no residue on the skin or clothing. It is applied all over the body and an excellent treatment for restoring tone and vitality while deeply moisturizing even the most sensitive skin.
The experience begins by sharing a long, steamy shower or a soothing soak in a hot bath with your Goddess. Muscles relax and skin moistens in preparation to receive the maximum benefit of relaxation and excitement that comes from Nuru gel.

Surrounded by flickering candles and enchanting music in a pleasantly heated room, the ceremony continues as the Nuru gel is heated in a special pot. A spiraling intrigue of glowing energy will flow effortlessly between you and your Goddess as her delicious body rubs and glides all over yours. In seemingly slow motion as your bodies define an unspoken language, you will arrive at a meditative state of ecstasy resembling that of nirvana.
At Tantric Touch London as well as tantric massage London, prejudice and shame are words we do not speak. While you may find yourself enamored by the beauty revealed between you and your Goddess, we invite and encourage you to explore new encounters with other exquisite Goddesses to embrace all that Tantric Touch London has to offer.

sophia smith