Investment Property in Cebu

Exploring Property Investment Prospects in Asia

Could it be possible that your real estate jackpot lies in the East?

Even though you may have a serviced office West End, you can still make a profit with assets that are not within the borders of the country you are operating in. You have to be a visionary and look further in order to expand your estate ventures and dip your hands into potentially profitable interests which you can easily grab onto once the demand picks up.

Asia is an emerging market and is a flourishing hotbed of income-generating possibilities, especially with property investment. Many love to travel, and the increased influx of tourists and visitors to the oriental parts of the globe has injected considerable interest and recurring curiosity in the Eastern hemisphere amongst Western counterparts.

One major appealing feature in the estate market in Asia is the fact that the prices of properties are lower than those found in the first-world countries. The fact that some of those nations in the Pacific are open to foreign ownership, or allow it in certain arrangements or conditions, also adds to that appeal.

If you are contemplating on opening a business in a country in the Orient or engage in business process outsourcing (BPO) due to the low-cost labour, you will do well to explore the possibility of owning a piece of property in the East. The same goes if your intentions are more personal in nature, like getting a lovely place where you can retire or holiday at in the future. You can always choose to lease the flat or residential structure if you are not using it for long stretches of time.
Here are some of the best places where you can invest in real estate in Asia:

Shanghai is particularly a very viable prospect and is the largest estate market in the country with the highest number of people, primarily because offices and other types of structural properties tend to yield good rental revenues, although the reselling value may be less than those in Hong Kong, which is also another appealing estate prospect. Availability in the latter is limited though, due to the fact that the place is an island and has a minimal land area. Beijing is also a good choice since it is the capital city and there have been a lot of property transactions going on here in previous years.

You will find a number of real estate going at low prices, ranging from land to flats. This country appeals primarily to retirees and holiday makers. It is also landlord-friendly. Pattaya and Bangkok stand out as the more viable choices.

Transaction expenses are low and luxury flats or accommodations have high yields. Serviced residences are particularly worthwhile property investments in this nation. Getting financing from banks is possible even though you are not a local.

The country is thriving and in particular the city of Cebu which has a better than average infrastructure and host 377 islands to hop around with relative ease. New developments by Cebu Landmasters such as their new project 38 Park Avenue at the IT Park are setting a new milestone in quality and features.
Make sure you study and review real estate regulations and policies of the country where you plan to acquire assets before beginning any transaction.